Frequently asked questions

How can I become a Wirecard partner? +

When you are working with merchants, you have come to the right place. We offer reseller partnerships for a many companies and single entrepreneurs. Our partner spectrum ranges from providers of IT services and software solutions, consultants, agencies, payment service providers and logistics specialists to independent sales organizations (ISOs) and industry experts. Contact us, we offer solutions for almost any partner business model and industry.

How do I profit from the Wirecard Partner Program? +

As a Wirecard partner you have access to the know-how and the competence of a full service company for payment solutions. Extend your own product and service portfolio through innovative IT solutions and the financial services of a German bank and profit from attractive commission models.

What can I resell as a partner? +

As a Wirecard partner, for example, you usually refer merchants to Wirecard who require card processing solutions. But there are many products and services available through the Wirecard group: from technical payment processing and risk management and bank services (acquiring/issuing/bank accounts) to additional services such as call center and POS solutions as well as consulting.

Do I have lead and account protection for customers that I referred to Wirecard? +

Yes, customer protection exists for merchants referred to Wirecard, for example an online shop, that has beenreferred to Wirecard and then been accepted in writing. This merchant will be credited to your partner account and reserved for you.

How long will it take before a customer can process payments (setup time for merchant account)? +

Naturally, the handling time for the verification of a merchant and the relevant documents, conclusion of contract and the technical set-up depends upon the individual case. As soon as all the merchant contracts and relevant documents are available, a merchant application can often be processed within a few days and upon approval, payment processing can start.

Do the referred merchants have to have a minimum size/a minimum turnover? +

No. Wirecard can service, for example, e-commerce start-ups as well as global corporate clients in the best possible way via automated, efficient processes and expert industry knowledge.

How can I be sure that I get my commissions? +

Wirecard contracts with its partners to regulate commission payments for referred merchants. The commissions due for referrals are automatically calculated for our partners and paid monthly. Partners receive a detailed tabulation.

Merchants with a registered office from which countries can be referred to Wirecard? +

As a worldwide provider of payment solutions, Wirecard can service merchants from virtually all countries. The possibilities of credit card acceptance via the Wirecard Bank AG extend through the European area (SEPA region), i.e. the merchants are required to have a European business location. Through our connection to further bank partners we are able to cover a number of other regions worldwide in addition.